To inspire and empower women who smoke cigars and to uplift those in need.

What is so alluring about a woman who smokes a cigar?

 What makes her so darn attractive… to cigar-smoking men (and even to many men, who don’t smoke cigars)? There is a certain strength about a cigar smoking woman. She is someone who is self-confident, secure and ready to fly in the face… of the criticism… of her family and friends.

 She stands out. Men like women… who aren’t afraid to break rules… and take risks. They know these women… just might rock their world! 

The image of a woman… holding a long, sleek, cylindrical object… in her mouth, prompts even the most sophisticated men… of the world…to be reduced to drooling newborns… Puff sensuously, puff deeply dear ladies of the leaf. Then look quickly over your shoulder and see the look on the face of the man who’s been watching you…